The 4 T’s For Optimal Crisis Management

Face it, folks. PR is Messy! At BGrace, we know, first hand, how messy public relations can be. When dealing with public opinion, people often forget that companies are run by human beings and, that in itself, often leads to problems. We often hold CEOs, Pastors and city officials at a very high standard and when [...]

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Crisis Management Steps

86% Of People Would Pay More For Services From A Company With Higher Ratings And Reviews 25% Of A Company’s Market Value Is Directly Attributable to Its Reputation According to a study by the World Economic Forum 87% Of Executives Rate Managing Reputation Risk As More Important than Other Strategic Risks According to a study by Deloitte [...]

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5 Ways to be a Boss Babe in a Male-Dominated Workplace

You’re a successful, bright young woman who landed a big job at a top company. However, you look around and see you are the only woman represented in the morning meeting. Someone mistakens you as an assistant or secretary? How frustrating is that?   I grew up attending an all-girls school for about 13 years [...]

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