What is Account Management?

When you hear the term, “Account Manager” many people are unsure what this role entails. Just what is the Account Manager doing and how do they add value to my business and me?  At BGrace, our Account Managers play 3 key roles to provide seamless execution for you.


  • Being the “Who” – An effective overseer that maintains contact with you. Your connection to it all.
    1. Collaborator
    2. Relationship Lead


  • Developing the “What” – The idea, service or concept that BGace will deliver for you.
    1. Results Driver
    2. Project Manager
  • Providing the “How” – getting it all done. Raising awareness for your brand on budget and on time.
    1. Technical Expert
    2. Innovator


Let the experienced Account Management team at BGrace provide the Who, What & How for your business today!

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