The 4 T’s For Optimal Crisis Management

Face it, folks. PR is Messy!

At BGrace, we know, first hand, how messy public relations can be. When dealing with public opinion, people often forget that companies are run by human beings and, that in itself, often leads to problems.

We often hold CEOs, Pastors and city officials at a very high standard and when they fall short, they are ostracized. This is why it is so important for companies to work closely with an experienced PR firm.

Working with an experienced PR firm like BGrace Media will save your company money, time and heartaches. It is the job of a PR firm to position a brand in the best light.  If a crisis arises, the public relations firm must immediately neutralize potential threats.

To run a successful company, flow the 4 T’s for optimal crisis management.


Tell the truth always. Mark Twain said it perfectly. “If you tell the TRUTH you do not need a good memory.” I agree wholeheartedly with that quote. Lying can be hard work, you cannot afford to forget it.

So, in times of crisis, always be honest! It will positively impact your company in the long run and make your reputation thrive. Be brutally honest in your communications and put your customers and employees first.


Transparency depicts the openness of your organization and its capability to share honest information and accept suggestions related to things like social and environmental concerns. Transparency is a vital public relations (PR) crisis management rule that you MUST follow. It will develop likeability and loyalty to your company.

Being transparent will help you earn the trust of your customers and others. And this brings us to the third T you must flow.


Trust should be established before the crisis. It is so vital for your work to speak for you. Make sure that whatever you are building trust and this will, in turn, give you an excellent reputation. Organizations that have high consumer trust have elevated market equilibrium and, most times, trust is used as an inference of future accomplishment.

-Tell BGrace

By reaching out to us at BGrace Media, we will provide an excellent, outside perspective for your brand and use top-notch tools and data that you will never have to work hard to get or buy yourself. Rest assured that we are not only going to eradicate your crisis with practical crisis management methods but also portray your company as the best in the marketplace.

Our specialists are committed to rendering the best Public Relations services to you and your company, using digital and traditional techniques that yield optimum outcomes.

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