Public Relations Essentials

When you hear the term PR what comes to mind? Maybe you recall the slick dealings of Don Draper of Mad Men or Anne Hathaway’s excellent crisis management skills in the Devil Wears Prada. Well whether it’s brainstorming new and innovative ideas for a client’s campaign or administering serious damage control for a significant fashion faux pas, there are certain key elements that one must implement when tackling public relation objectives.


Not Your Average Joe Job

Working in Public Relations is not your typical 9-5 job. It’s a full-time career that requires constant social media and technological engagement. Simply put even when you’re not working, you’re regularly taking in new information and thinking of the best way to utilize it in your day to day flow. With constant news updates, current events, and social trends it is essential to know your brand inside and out. It will allow you to sift through new information and push content that helps tell your story.

Let’s face it consumers don’t want boring content. They are always searching for new and engaging material. (Insert statistic about how people get their news online) Whether it’s on their facebook thread, twitter feed, or the most recent Instagram user stories people are always on the hunt for the latest hot topics. Bare this in mind the next time you’re scrolling down your social media feed.


Why are you campaigning in the first place? What’s the end goal? Remember drawing bubbles in middle school with the main content you wanted to highlight in your paragraph for your creative writing class? Well now’s the time to put those skills to good use. Identifying the primary business objectives and setting long and short-term goals around them will help to ensure that you are in alignment with communication objectives.


Developing a great strategic plan is all about effective communication before beginning a plan for how to market a specific brand or product take sometimes to organize your ideas. As elementary as it may seem, it is essential to successful marketing. Your strategy should explain how you plan on accomplishing the objectives that you have already listed. Several different approaches can be taken through media buying, press conferences, and social media promotion.

For example, Cartoon Network a prominent children’s television network developed an ingenious marketing strategy by electing to use their customer’s voice to do the marketing for them. Instead of relying on typical commercials that highlighted specific shows with a voice-over advertising showtimes they decided to take a more integrated approach by incorporating an app which allows young viewers to record themselves talking about their favorite shows and characters. They select the best recordings and use them to appeal to other young viewers by showcasing kids who looked like them.


Several different approaches can be taken through media buying, press conferences, and social media promotion. Tactics involve a more specific concentration on the day to day tasks that you and your team will carry out to accomplish the aim of the strategies that you have brainstormed. Whether it’s writing press releases or using social media posts as a means to boost the reach of your company or product having specific next steps to accomplishing the strategic plan is a must.

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