Let’s Connect Socially

Social media started as a fun way to connect with friends and family online. It has now evolved to be one of the best ways to leverage your brand at a nominal cost. Face it, social media is kind of a big deal, and brands can use it as an opportunity to tell their story and engage with their followers!

One of the best ways to take advantage of social media is to humanize your brand. Communicating with your followers in a fun, casual way will allow them to connect with you and your brand on an emotional level. If you want to maximize your social media, here are our five tips on how to humanize your brand.

1. Admit when you’re wrong and when you need to apologize.We’re human, and we all make mistakes. Admitting you’re wrong creates a sense of trust between your brand and your followers. Apologizing tells them that you know how to take responsibility and that you care.

2. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Getting an insight into your company makes your followers feel like they are a part of the team. They will feel like VIPS when you give them an exclusive look at a day in the life at work!

3. Put names with faces of those who manage social media.How can you trust a business’s social media if you don’t know who’s running it? Introducing your followers to the faces behind the screen will make your brand feel approachable.

4. Go on a jargon diet and use real-people language.As a brand, your top priority is to connect. When your social media is conversational, your followers will understand your message; It makes your content more relatable.

5.Have a sense of humorYou want your social media to be catchy and make people smile. It’s essential to tailor your content to translate across geographic areas and people. Remember to be transcultural!

Social media is complex, and there are so many ways to make it great! If this seems overwhelming to you, we would love to help you craft your narrative! Give BGrace Media a call at (205) 537-1100 or complete the form below. We can’t wait to help you tell your story!


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