Our Process

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In order for us to be successful, we must listen and assess your goals. Our team will collect data on your current position in the market. We will research your target audience and also research your competition.

–Needs analysis
–Target audience
–Competitive analysis
–SWAT analysis


After a detailed discovery process we will collaborate on our findings. We will discuss your assets and liabilities. We will collectively come up with a strategy, action plan, and checkpoints. We will also enroll you in Basecamp. 

–Think Tanks
–Budget Discussions
–Brand Development


Now that we have done our due diligence, it’s time to get to work! After the collaboration, we are able to begin the branding phase. Whether it’s through press announcements or media coverage, we love to get people talking about you! We will craft messages, releases, announcements, tweets, and Instagram posts to send out to the masses. 

–Press releases
–Media Alerts
–Influencer Campaigns
–Grassroot engagement
–Social Media


When we leverage the strength of your brand to generate powerful and memorable content, you create the opportunity to build strong and lasting bonds with your current and future customers, clients, and fans. We strive to bring you those opportunities each and every day.

–Social Ads
–Google Adwords


We don’t just throw PR and Marketing tactics against the wall and hope they stick! We produce campaigns that work! We track and monitor everything we do.

–Google Analytics
–Social A social listen